Congratulations on your new chick or duck!

greatstarts-design-logo[1]Congratulations on your new chick or duck. We hope they are getting off to a strong and healthy start with Purina Chick Starter or Purina Flock Raiser. Continue to feed this for the remainder of the growing period, generally 16-20 weeks of age.

You have helped to make “Chick Days” a great success. This could not have happened without you and we thank you. Don’t forget your free egg basket with the purchase of three bags of Layena or Flock Raiser, while supplies last. For help or questions, come in or like us on Facebook. We are posting weekly “chick tips” on our Facebook page to help with the care and raising of your chick or flock.

If you’re looking for some good information about chickens check out these websites:
A complete source of poultry care and feeding. Also includes a dealer locator application so you can speak with a local expert.
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Official site of the American Poultry Association.

An organization dedicated to the preservation and support of all threatened breeds and strains of domestic poultry.

An organization dedicated to the preservation of rare livestock breeds, including poultry.

Biosecurity for birds is an initiative to help keep birds healthy.

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