Types Of Chicks

Chicks are arriving at Sabinal Grain Company and will be available for purchase through the end of April.  Register your chick at the Purina Mills website and you will receive timely tips and coupons as your chick grows. Learn more about the types of chicks offered by Sabinal Grain Company.  We offer pullets with a 90% accuracy rate. Araucana/Ameraucanas chickens(pullets) Araucana/Ameraucanas chickens (pullets) often called the Easter egg chicken. They lay colored eggs:blue,green,pink and olive drab. These birds will vary in size and color. Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets (pullets) Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets (pullets) Known for their efficient production of large brown eggs. Hens standard weights at maturity are 6 lbs. Buff Orpington Chicken (pullets) Buff Orpington Chicken (pullets) A quiet bird with a beautiful buff color. They will lay lots of nice brown eggs! Rhode Island Red Chickens (pullets) Rhode Island Red Chickens (pullets) Striving for the “Peak” in Brown egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market possibilities, then the well-know American Rhode Island Red is the dual purpose bird for you. Black Australorp Chickens (pullets) Black Australorp Chickens (pullets) Australorps are very good Brown egg producers. Hubbard Golden Comet Chickens  (pullets) Hubbard Golden Comet Chickens (pullets) Widely acclaimed in all areas of the world where brown eggs are preferred. The reason is simple. The Golden Comet pullet is easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. She is an extremely quiet bird. New Hampshire Chickens (pullets) New Hampshire Chickens (pullets) Early maturity and heavy brown egg production with extra good shell texture Brown Leghorn Chicken (pullets) Brown Leghorn Chicken (pullets) Exceedingly hardy, rarely broody and will lay an excellent amount of White Eggs. Babcock White Leghorn Chicken (pullets) Babcock White Leghorn Chicken (pullets) Babcock White Leghorns are balanced bred for performance – High production- Superior shell strength and proper egg size.

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