Sabinal Grain Co. has several feeder options.  Let us know what you are looking for, we’ll set you up with the perfect feeder.

  • 5 Ton Feeder on Skid – This metal feeder will hold 5 tons of feed
  • 5 Ton Feeder on Wheels – This metal feeder will hold 5 tons of feed and can be moved easily when empty to a different location.
  • Liquid Feeders – These feeders are for feeding liquid feed to help supplement cattle.
  • Bunk Feeders – These are a smaller feeder for daily feedings.
  • Hay Bale Feeder – This feeder will hold a square bale off the ground to keep it clean until it is all eaten.
  • Hay Rings – This is for feeding round hay bales to keep animals from scattering hay and laying in it to help keep waste down.
  • Tumblebug – This is used to move round hay bales from place to place.
  • Water Trough