Cattle Feeds

windrainSabinal Grain Company has a large selection of products for all your livestock needs.   Our store carries a wide selection of livestock feeds, equipment, buckets, feeders and stock tanks. Sabinal Grain Company is your one-source for an extensive line of livestock veterinary supplies, including wormers, fly control sprays, hypodermics, grooming supplies, ear tags/applicators, castration supplies and more!

  • Cubes – 4-Square Brand Breeder Chow provide balanced protein and energy supplements enhance forage digestion, allowing your cattle to get more of their nutritional needs from your homegrown forage
  • Preconditioning and Receiving Chow is “The Standard” by which all starters are measured. Nothing is more palatable to newly weaned or received cattle. It is a complete weaned-calf diet that not only eliminates the stresses of weaning, but also reduces sickness and puts the calf on the road to 40-80 pounds of weight gain.
  • Nurse Chow Milk Replacer
  • Liquid Feed Sup-R-Lix® is The Cadillac of Performance and The Volkswagen in Economy, designed specifically for growing stockers or yearlings.
  • Sup-R-Lix is a molasses-based protein supplement, provides a superior balance of all essential nutrients—energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Cattle Limiter Feeds is an Accuration/Cattle Limiter Designed specifically for growing stockers or yearlings.
  • Mineral Purina Mills® Wind and Rain™ are specifically designed to meet mineral deficiencies based on forage quality and cattle nutritional requirements throughout the year.



Formulated to safely and effectively deliver essential health products and nutrients to help treat or prevent specific cattle health challenges.

  • Rabon® Molasses Pressed Block (722) – Convenient, complete mineral and vitamin supplement in addition to effective fly control
  • Bloat Guard® Pressed Block (738) -Protects against frothy bloat in legume and wheat pastures when used as directed
  • Mol-Mag Pressed Block (721) – Provides magnesium to cows susceptible to grass tetany
  • 3-IN-1 Pressed Block (698) – Multi-purpose mineral and vitamin block for cattle and horses
  • Rumensin® Pressed Block (735) – Improves feed efficiency and rate of weight gain in cattle when used as directed


  • 12/12 Mineral Purina’s Wind and Rain All Season minerals have been specifically designed to include multiple nutritional formulations to meet cattle need regardless of forage quality.
  • 12/12 Mineral with IGR Purina’s Wind and Rain Fly Control minerals are designed to reduce fly populations. Flies cause significant discomfort for cattle. As part of an integrated fly control program, Purina’s Wind and Rain with Altosid (MTH), helps restore cattle comfort while reducing factors that cause poor performance, and decreased grazing time.
  • 12/12 Block One of our best mineral products,a premium balanced blend with 12% calcium and 12% phosphorus.Highly palatable and made for year-round feeding, formulated for higher consumption when forage is of poorer quality…
  • 7740 Block