Caring For Your Chickens In the Summer Heat

IMG_1906The baby chicks you picked up earlier this spring at Sabinal Grain are growing and fast approaching egg production. Keeping your chickens cool during the summer months is key for animal health and egg production.
Tips for dealing with Heat Stress:
• Have adequate space: 10 sq. ft. of run per chicken.
• Provide plenty of shade over coop & run.
• Wet the ground and top of coop during the heat of the day.
• Clean up dropping ( ammonia)
• If possible put fans in your coop or run. Circulating air flow over the wet ground will help cool the chickens.
• Most importantly is fresh clean water. Add ice to water during extreme heat.
• Place frozen water bottles in the coop for the chickens to lay next to.

Getting ready for egg production:
• Make stressful changes now
• Prepare egg boxes: 1 for every 4 hen

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