Food Plots

LablabfoodplotA food plot is a planted area set aside to act as a food source for wildlife. By planting the right plants in the right way, food plots can be used to grow more and bigger bucks and attract and hold deer in a specific area…while relieving pressure on the native habitat and allowing it to improve to the benefit of all wildlife. Whether the need is for a better protein source to help grow more and bigger deer or attracting deer for the hunt, Sabinal Grain has the right seeds for the job.

Sabinal Grain offers the following seed for food plots.

BioLogic’s LabLab is a vigorous, twining legume specially formulated for outstanding performance in food plots from spring well into autumn. It’s resistant to insects and disease, grows well even in rough or acidic soil, proves resilient under heavy browsing and produces an incredible amount of forage — plants often grow two to three feet in height. Deer are strongly attracted to LabLab’s large, succulent leaves — an excellent source of protein and phosphorus for antler growth and development. Landowners and managers appreciate how vigorously it grows. A favorite blend for those who manage their plot year-round for optimal deer herd health and maximum antler production.